Johnny Only Returns to Edwards Petting Farm for Musical Fun!

Bring your toddlers and preschoolers for musical playdates at the farm July thru November

By Kate Fletcher, Macaroni KID Binghamton Publisher July 3, 2024

Calling all families with young children! Get ready to sing, dance, and meet some furry friends this summer with the return of Johnny Only concerts at Edwards Petting Farm!

Sing, Dance, and Learn with Johnny Only!

For just $10 per family, join Johnny Only and Farmer Jen for a fun-filled morning or evening filled with music, animal encounters, and interactive entertainment. Johnny Only's catchy tunes are educational and perfect for kids aged 1-5, but guaranteed to entertain younger and older siblings, and even parents!

Get ready to use your imaginations, move your bodies, and learn about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters through interactive songs and activities. The show features bubbles, appearances by Farmer Jen in fun costumes (think pigs, bunnies, and even dinosaur riders!), and plenty of smiles for everyone.

Double the Fun: Animals and Music!

Before or after the concert, explore the Edwards Petting Farm, located at 2948 Webb Rd, Binghamton, NY 13903. The animals reside on the first floor of the barn, while the concerts take place on the second floor, offering a unique and exciting experience for the whole family.

Mark Your Calendars!

Get ready to make some summer memories with Johnny Only at Edwards Petting Farm! You'll always find these playdates on our calendar, but here is a summary of the dates and times:

July: Wed 10th (10am), Mon 15th (10am), Wed 24th (6pm) 
August: Mon 12th (10am), Wed 21st (10am), Mon 26th (6pm) 
September: Wed 11th (10am), Mon 16th (10am), Wed 25th (10am), Mon 30th (6pm) 
October: Wed 9th (10am), Mon 14th (10am), Wed 23rd (10am), Mon 28th (6pm) 
November: Wed 6th (10am), Mon 11th (10am), Mon 18th (10am), Wed 27th (10am)

For more information, contact DJ Johnny Only or Farmer Jen at Edwards Petting Farm.

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